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As of February 2017... 
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Blast the Ball focuses on KICKING skills and SoccerU is a VERY in-depth
overall skill program for ALL ages. It's designed to "teach the teacher",
but it's an AMAZING tool if players watch BEFORE they hit the field.
IMAGINE the time savings... they LEARN the skill BEFORE practice.
There are MANY reviews out there... READ ONE HERE


Frequently asked questions…


Yes, you can donate to help with the costs and the ads on the website help pay to keep this site up and running.

What forms of payment do you take? 
See the image at the bottom, but PayPal is our “payment gateway”. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account. You can check out as a guest and use credit cards.

Are you a U.S. based company? 
Yes, our company was founded 10 years ago and still remains in Georgia.
All our DVD’s are made in the USA.

Do your DVDs play on computers? 
Yes, as long as you can play normal (movie rental) DVD’s they will play.
Most modern PCs play them. The are REAL DVDs made via a production company.

How do your DVDs ship? 
They ship the next business day via USPS priority mail.

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