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Speed Training for Soccer Players

Many of you have asked the question to us, “How can I work on my player’s or team’s soccer speed?” So we thought we would offer some help.

First, there are two types of “soccer speed” when we talk about soccer players. One is quick reactive speed, and the other is speed when running.  So, we figured we offer a tip on both.

Quick Reactive Speed
Soccer players must be able to “shift on a dime”, meaning that they must be able shift their direction and momentum in a split second.  This really is a programming lesson that the body must learn.  We must realize that soccer players must always have one foot on the ground, and be ready to shift instantly.  We cover this subject and run you through a full break down with skills and drills on disk #5 in the SoccerU series.  It is HERE

Explosive Speed and Sprinting
Sometimes, soccer players just have to have a “get up and go”.  Proper running form, sprinting, and just being that fast player down the soccer field.  Good running and sprinting form and habits must also be learned and trained.  Remember, just doing something over and over will NOT improve it. We must learn the right skill.

ost soccer training videos are not great. In fact some are a waste of money.  We spent years watching soccer training videos and having soccer players, soccer coaches and parents watch them.  The end result?  They were simply disappointed and even shocked at how poor many of them were.  Some training videos produced even taught skills the wrong way. Many showed the skills but not how to learn them or teach them.





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