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As of February 2017... 
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Blast the Ball focuses on KICKING skills and SoccerU is a VERY in-depth
overall skill program for ALL ages. It's designed to "teach the teacher",
but it's an AMAZING tool if players watch BEFORE they hit the field.
IMAGINE the time savings... they LEARN the skill BEFORE practice.
There are MANY reviews out there... READ ONE HERE


Free Soccer Hop Rebounder Plans

SoccerHop Rebounder

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The SoccerHop, invented by and designed by Coach V (the dad) is made from materials all bought from Home Depot or Lowes. It can be built in a few hours and will last for YEARS.  Saves your walls and garage doors from being destroyed.  The key is that it is HEAVY and will rebound balls well and not fall apart.  The SoccerHop rebounder that he built was used for hours and hours by his son and yours will be too.  Tell them to be CREATIVE.

The plans are in PDF format and are PASSWORD protected.
Again… please don’t distribute, MALWARE VERSIONS are floating around of these… send them to this site please.

Click this link:  SOCCER HOP PDF 

The password is:  sochop999







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