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General Preview of the SOCCERU series and break down of chapters.
See a list of the chapters >>>>>  HERE

The Video below is a FULL break down of the chapters in SoccerU 


Preview of one of the chapters in SoccerU . This is a great example of how detailed the series is and the varying levels of players used. In this video you’ll see 8 year old players, high school players, Division 1 college players, and professional soccer players. All learning the same core skill set.


Let your player watch the session….. then work the session. 
socceru online
Imagine the TIME savings.  have your players watch the session BEFORE you hit the field. Now, just go the field and PRACTICE what they’ve learned.  It’s like hiring a technical trainer for your team.  A private training session without the frustration.  They come PREPARED to work and practice the skill, saving VALUABLE field time.

Soccer Parents, Soccer Coaches, and Trainers LOVE this series. 

The interview with Coach V that explains the series. 

Quick Clips grabbed from the series. 



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