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"The most extensive soccer technical training series ever created."

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A few facts.... not just opinions...

1000's and 1000's of soccer, teams, coaches, and parents now use the SoccerU series all over the world. EVERYONE that watches and uses the series says the same thing...
"Truly the most extensive and LONG TERM training series ever developed."
Whether you're starting out with 8 year olds or working with Division 1 college players, the SoccerU series is a MUST to develop and train technically sound players.  A STEP BY STEP, in-depth, breakdown of almost EVERY skill a soccer player needs to be TRULY a great player.
 It makes YOU a great trainer... so YOU can produce highly skilled players.


socceru dvdSoccerU - A 2015 Full DVD Series is Released
The long awaited arrival of the most EXTENSIVE technical training series is over. SoccerU 2015 is now shipping.

A 6 disk series (including Blast The Ball) is over 11 hours of raw one on one soccer technical skills for all levels of soccer players, soccer parents,  and soccer coaches. NEVER before has a such an extensive series ever been released that focuses directly on learning and teaching raw technical skills. The series is over 65 chapters long and covers every level from beginner to very advanced technical training.

Take the time to review the
CHAPTERS, watch the PREVIEWS, and read about the new SPECIAL with free world wide shipping for a limited time.


The NEW SoccerU Preview is HERE!
Watch a full breakdown of chapters and teaching subjects.
Our preview is very thorough showing a good sampling of the teaching and chapters.
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Tip of the Week
Receiving under pressure is a TECHNICAL skill that must be taught and learned. Repeat it often to make sure it is an instinct and natural.

Recent Email From Customer / Coach....

We asked Bill if w could share his FULL email, unedited. He agreed.
Read it and you'll get a feel for what can be done with the series.

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To All Soccer Parents...

"I will say this with the deepest conviction I have, if you're a soccer parent and want to help your child, get this series. You will improve their skills more in one year working at home than years and years of just playing the game."

Read Jay's full comments>>> HERE


Soccer U Youth Soccer Training "The Most Extensive Series EVER Released"

SoccerU is NOT....

It is NOT a "how to coach" series.
You receive "coaching" advice and lessons in your all your basic classes and certifications. SoccerU IS a series devoted to teaching SOCCER SKILLS that rarely get taught at any level of a coach's training.
It is NOT a "drills and games" series.
Drills and games can be found by the 1000's everywhere. However learning each skill, broken down and how to teach it, takes much more time. SoccerU breaks down each core skill through many levels.
It is NOT just a beginners series.
SoccerU was design to work with all levels of players. From beginners all the way to the very advanced.  Most sections cover teaching skills to all levels and ages and you get to watch each age level perform and learn them. 


previewWatch the Previews...

We have several previews on. This includes interviews and previews from of Blast The Ball and SoccerU.
Previews are >>>

soccer teamRead the comments and reviews...

From people just like you, all the way up to Pros. Read what people are saying about Blast The Ball and SoccerU

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Who Are you?
How will the SoccerU series help the...

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Soccer Coach             Soccer Parent             Soccer Player

all age soccer trainingWhy did we use all ages and skill levels...

You will watch a wide variety of players, both male and female, training. From beginning 8 year olds to professional players. Several players have just finished Division One college careers. We think it is critical to connect them all and watch the transition. EVERYONE needs core technical training throughout their playing careers. 
Training and sessions at all levels.



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How is it different from other soccer videos?

Most soccer training videos are not great. In fact some are a waste of money.  We spent years watching soccer training videos and having soccer players, soccer coaches and parents watch them.  The end result?  They were simply disappointed and even shocked at how poor many of them were.  Some training videos produced even taught skills the wrong way. Many showed the skills but not how to learn them or teach them.

SoccerU is one of those series that you will keep and cherish your entire soccer career. From being a soccer player, to being a soccer parent, to the highest levels of soccer coaching, it will last a lifetime.  It is EXACTLY what you asked for; a step by step training series that everyone can learn from. With over 8 hours of technical training and learning it is the most comprehensive soccer training series ever produced.


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Why is it different?

SoccerU understands that soccer people learn by watching HOW TO TEACH. Simply watching great players perform soccer skills does nothing for development. You need to watch all ages and skill levels being taught. Then you will learn how to teach these skills.

We use all age and skill levels. From beginning 10 year olds all the way up to Division 1 college players.  Each of these players has skills that need to be improved and skills they were never taught. You will see them perform them the right way and the wrong way. The same thing that happens when you’re training.


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What age is it designed for?

What is amazing about the SoccerU series is that we understand that soccer players are not limited in skill by their age. 


Coach V is adamant about this.

If you have a 17 year old soccer player that has never been given a lesson on proper slide tackling, where do you begin your training with them?  The SAME place you would if you had a 12 year old player.  Age means nothing if the player has never been taught the skill or taught the skill properly. You will watch 10 year olds and college level players all learning and refining the same skills. They learn differently, comprehend differently and master them differently, but the skill is the skill and must be taught the same way.

The same applies in so many other things we do and in other sports. If you want to start playing golf and your 30 years old, where do you start?  If you are 40 years old and want to start learning martial arts, where do you start?  You start at the same point a 12 year old would, learning the basic skills that you have never learned.


What does it cover?
The content list is HUGE with over 30 chapters and 9 hours of training.

disk1 disk2 disk3 disk4 disk4
Full Content List Here




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